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Senior Director, Product Development

Autodesk: Jan 2013 - Current

Currently directing the company’s R&D group focused on the impact of the convergence of visualization technology in design \ entertainment.

  • Demonstrated creative abilities by developing Augmented and Virtual reality technology (highlighted at Microsoft Keynote) and applying Machine Learning principles in the storytelling process. (Connecting Offline and Realtime rendering)

  • Earned recognition for attaining 100 million plus in Enterprise Business Account (EBA) wins and expanding a third party ecosystem of developers with triple digit growth in emerging technologies.

  • Internal and external evangelism and marketing campaigns around the convergence of visualization technology in design \ entertainment

Director, Product Management

Autodesk: Jan 2013 - Jan 2016

Directed product strategy, key marketing activities and development for the games industry (middleware and content creation). Defined a new game development portal and community working with all the top game studios (EA, UBISOFT, Microsoft, etc..)

  • Successfully propelled a games product launch within emerging markets to achieve 150% in growth.

  • Cultivated game development alliances with prominent technology providers to realize $50M in additional revenue.

  • Launched new game industry marketing campaigns around games tech and content creation.

Founder & General Manager

Kaos Studios|THQ: 2005 - 2010

Drove daily operations and investment/acquisition strategy for the game studio (established through a multi-million dollar development deal from THQ). Consistently applied Agile project management methodologies. Functioned as a subject matter expert in all aspects of development, engineering, art, animation and design.

  • Launched a new successful IP (Frontlines \ Homefromt) resulting in $150M+ in revenue, with over 3 million units sold.

  • Expanded the team from 14 individuals to 150+ by recruiting new media professionals across multiple geographies.

  • Exemplified inventive prowess by architecting and releasing numerous entertainment titles with $150M+ in sales.

General Manager

Electronic Arts | Digital Illusions: 2002 - 2005

Design and launched a new IP (Desert Combat) with EA as a marketing campaign for indie developers. Drove the development, and community site for EA’s Battlefield Mod Development community, reaching over 3 million users.

  • Designed and launched a new successful IP (Desert Combat), reaching 3 million players.

  • Launched a Mod Development community within the games space for EA Battlefield franchise.

  • R&D for Battlefield franchise, games technology \ gameplay

VP Design and Development

RTzen: 2001 - 2002

Led the design and development team for Rtzen. A startup focused on the future of graphics technology in realtime. Acquired by Havok|Intel.

  • Led the UX team to define new node based shaders authoring environment, making programming easier to understand for new developers.

  • Hired key cross industry talent

  • Defined coding and design standards 

Product Manager

Autodesk: 1998 - 2001

Product Manager for Autodesk entry into Media and Entertainment (3ds max) Focused on Design Visualization, Film TV and Games

  • Defined key product features

  • Grew 3rd party ecosystem through development program

  • Grew user base through active evangelism \ engagement

Lead Product Designer

Autodesk: 1996 - 1998

Led the design of 3ds max, transforming from a DOS program to a windows based GUI

  • Designed \ Defined new UX paradigms for an easier to use 3D program for professionals

  • Acquired patents in the field of computer graphics (node based editing, drag and drop in 3D)

  • Played a key role in product adoption and usage in Film \ Games

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